Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dull Frog Day's of January!

Is 2008 the year of the frog? It is in this house, but I keep reminding myself its all part of the learning curve.

It started with Rosedale United, I knitted the neckband the week before New Year actually arrived, and frogged it and knitted it and frogged and knitted at least three times, I then tried it on, and the raglans weren't in the right position for my arms and basically decided to start 2008 with a clean slate and frogged the whole thing! Its all labelled and ready to be knit into some kind of a raglan sweater, but everything is on hold this year.

I have decided that the Handknitting course needs my full attention, so for 2008 it has become my top priority. This doesn't mean I won't be knitting because the course (obviously) involves knitting, it just means that I have to be strict with myself about what I knit and concentrate my efforts into designing, swatching and producing the 2 garments, 1 accessory and 1 item for the home, that I need to pass this course, and some of the time it may mean I don't have alot to show for it. Although that said I will have non college knitting on the go...I've just decided not to try and tackle anything that needs alot of a sweater, and stick to small items like mittens, maybe some colourwork handwarmers, experimental felted pieces and bags.

Of course I will still be spinning, I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to!

So on the needles at the moment is a Rowan kidsilk scarf, which I'm going to be felting in the washing machine and I'm working on my first design piece which is a scarf based on seaweed.
Frogged this week: I had a 50g ball of Noro Cash Island to knit a sample for the seaweed scarf project, gorgeous colour and velvety soft, but it didn't have the drape I envisioned so I cast on for Luce. It just didn't have the right drape and feel either.


Ang said...

Oh I just had a big flash of inspiration then, seeing your seaweed.

Hope all goes well with your knitting course, sounds like fun.

Ang said...
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Ang said...

"....knitted underpants for the something itchy?? Lol"

That's not silly, that's downright nasty, but I throw my gauntlet at you (and runs) I shall take the challenge.

Charity said...

Too funny, Jo - maybe we'll be the start of a new trend? :0)

picperfic said...

love the little seaweed man Jo..good luck with all that you do, the course sounds like fun to me!

Strumpstickan said...


Peri said...

Ribbit, ribbit!

I have months like that.

Love the seaweed concept - clever!

Unknown said...

Enjoy the course, and I'm sure we will enjoy hearing about the design process. :)
I love the seaweed and can imagine it on seaweed socks or a mermaid shawl...fantastic!

Marianne said...

The seaweed concept delights me! I hope you find just the right fibre for it... perhaps it's something in your fibre stash waiting to be spun? then knitted?
Year of the Frog... I just frogged a hat last night and started over and lo and behold... I didn't forget about those 'knit rows' stuck in between the 'increase rows' the second time ;^) heh.
(and such a simple thing!)

Seahorse said...

I REALLY like that seaweed! Can't wait to see more of it develop!