Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Update on The Knitting Daily Pattern store: I have managed to purchase Koolhaus! yippee! I shall probably go back for the Central Park Hoodie at a later date, remember garments are off limits for the moment.

Today I have been uploading yarns to my Etsy shop. I have decided to try out a 'free'postage to everywhere promotion. I also try to keep my prices in line with other handspinners and small businesses so I would appreciate any feedback on this, if you think my prices are high or if anything in my shop doesn't read right please let me know. If you don't want to let me know via comments you can always e-mail me, my e-mail is listed in my blogger profile.

Now for more shameless self promotion...well actually I need you to promote me if my Etsy store and fledgling yarn 'business' are to succeed...I don't need it to go mad but the only way for it to really work is via promotion and from word of mouth or word of blog, so to reach a wider audience I need my friends to blog about my etsy store too, and for everyone that does I'm offering a 10% discount off all my yarn for life, and a chance to win some custom spun yarn in colours of your choosing, we will have a Prize draw on 15th March! Just let me know that you've linked/mentioned me in a post to be eligible to enter!

Talking of my etsy store I'm having a bit of an identity crisis, as you will see my etsy store, old website and e-mail are all under the name Limegreenjelly, although when I started spinning and set up this blog I came up with the name freestylefibre. I have purchased freestylefibre.co.uk for future use, but at the moment all my yarns are labelled with my limegreenjelly branding. My helpful hubby has designed a freestylefibre label, which I really like but does it confuse things to sell yarns under the name Freestylefibre in the Limegreenjelly shop?

Edited to add...if anyone wants to display my limegreenjelly button from my sidebar on their blog to link to my etsy shop...please do!


picperfic said...

oooh, go Jo! I'll promote you. As for the lime green jelly/freestyle fibre thingy, I think it will be ok, as long as the free style fibre is used as a name for the yarn you produce. Lime Green Jelly is the shop/website and Freestyle Fibre is the name of the product. It works for me! Do you have a button I can add to my blog for you?

Peri said...

I'll post about your etsy shop too - cos you asked so prettily ;0)

Charity said...

Yay! Glad you got the pattern you wanted - I hate having to wait for something like that! :0)

I'm heading over to peek at your shop right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo, Melanie here. Happy now? Checking out the store, btw, now on ravelry. L&K

Pat said...

Hi Jo,

I'll happily stick your logo/link on my blog. Good luck with the handspun sales. It's something I've been toying with myself and will probably give a whirl sometime this year.

Strumpstickan said...

I have been looking at the Central Park Hoodie as well, but I don't have the time... *lol*

Sheila said...

You should have shameless self promotion. If you don't shout out your praises, who will? You have gorgeous yarn you spin. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Picperfic has already said what I was going to write. Use freestylefibre as the product name. Eventually you may want to change over the entire business to fsf - it's such a cool name.

Good for you in getting your stuff out there, and best wishes in this venture!