Thursday, September 25, 2008

Competition Results and Sp12 Comes to an End!

Ok let's get straight down to business.....I took all the comments from the last post (yes you too Nicole because winning a competition doesn't excempt you from entering another) and put them into the List the order in which they were left....

And I pressed the Randomize button and tahdah.....

There they are in the order of randomisation, and the winner is Kim! Well it is fitting that Kim was my first ever swap partner, in a swap organised by Miss Knightingale, she's also recently celebrated a birthday, which almost co-incides with my blogiversary, which I'm pretty sure makes us fraternal twins, ;-) I'll be talking to you pretty soon Kim about which colour STR you would like me to have sent from Blue Moon Fiber Arts! Thanks to everyone for the comments, there were some great suggestions for colourways for me!

This week also brought the arrival of my final Secret Pal 12 Package, here it is before unwrapping, we knew my pal was in Finland, but everything else this far has been kept a Secret.

Unlike my downstream, because I stupidly managed to reveal myself before the second package arrived with him, but luckily he took it in good humour!

First up is a pair of gorgeous handknitted socks that were tucked away in this great little project bag, I've never recieved handknit socks as a gift before, and even better they are a perfect fit!

Edited to add, this sock pattern is called Autumn Lace Socks from the six sox knitalong (ravelry pattern link)
Here we have lots of sweet treats, some chocolate covered bilberries and lingenberries, some tea, ravelry pins, and some special chocolates, very yummy!

A ball of Noro Sock, in gorgeous greens, perfect!

More Finn sheep!

And some Bluefaced Leicester Fibre! This round of SP has been most enjoyable and my dear spoiler has finally revealed herself to be Hanna. Thankyou so much Hannah for being a such a great Secret Pal!

Had to show you that even Willow loves the package, Hannah!


Hanna said...

I'm glad that your cat liked it too. I haven't dyed wool myself It's from Etsy (Spintastic Creations) and project bag is from Etsy too (pgprcrst8n).

Marianne said...

What beautiful and fabulous gifts! :^)
Congrats to Kim!

KimK said...

Shut up! I have never, ever won a contest before -- how wonderful that the first one should be yours, dear Jo! (I, too, feel we are fraternal twins who have never met)

Those socks in your package are delightful; I'll have to check out Hannah's blog to see which pattern she used. And look at Willow all curled up in your loot! That's exactly what Nuala would do. In fact, she was sitting loaf style on my scarf as it was blocking this morning. Yes, it's done, wait 'til I post in your Flickr group! It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of Willow - my cat Leia was nesting on a pile of new fabric this morning.

And what lovely presents you've had.

I see I'm second on the randomizer list - hmph!

Sheila said...

Wow, you made out well! Great stash. I love the socks.

Hanna said...

Socks are from SixSox-kal, they are called Autumn Lace Socks. Yarn is Opal base yarn hand dyed in Finland by Villamokka (Finnish yarn store). Color is called Lounatuuli (wind from south west).

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