Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Sweet Smell of

...... Sussex Lavender!

This week I've mostly been working away on some lavender bags for Aardvark!

There have also been some new colours added to the shop:

This Weeks Fibre Update

And I'm also busy dyeing a few braids for this fabulous FREE local event:

In other lives Kim transformed this yarn (which she purchased through etsy)

into this scrumtious chevron scarf:

and matching hamdwarmers:

It's always a thrill to see my handspun yarn complete it's journey, and also heartwarming to know it's so well loved and will be warming the neck and hands of a dear friend!


Marianne said...

You're so clever, sweet smell of sussex... :^) those bags are fabulous! As are your new colours, it's apparent you enjoy giving them names, and I like the names you give to your fibres.
Beautiful scarf and mitts out of your handspun and knit by Kim, such gorgeous yarn!

Caroline said...

Those bags do look lovely!

Charity said...

The bags are really awesome, Jo! And the new colours - you always make me want to sit down at my wheel and get spinning! :0)

KimK said...

Cute bags!

And your yarn was delightful to knit with; believe me, the pleasure was all mine!

Lah Lah said...

Gorgeous yarn - nice to see the lovely work that Kim did with it.

Love the new colours too!

Rosie said...

all looks brillaint. My friend Vespertine and I are hoping to come to Brighton for the safari (we couldn't resist the lure of naughty knitting!)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Lavendar Bags, will have to get myself on the train to St leonards to peruse that shop.

Anonymous said...

You have been busy - love the lavender bags, they're so unique.

Elemmaciltur said...

Love the lavender bags! They're super cute.

BTW, I've nominated you for an award on my blog.

Peri said...

I've awarded you the 'I love your blog award' - details etc on my blog.


Anki said...

I love the cute lavender bags!

Anonymous said...

those bags look fantastic, I love 'em!

Sheila said...

That blue yarn is yummy! and the sachet are so neat. Love them.

BabyLongLegs said...

Hiya Jo!!!

Laughing Hens nows belongs to Mr Wool, aka Alpacabuyer on Rav.......
He's been supplying me with yarn and fibre for about 3 years...and he asked me to help him this year, so I became Creative Director at AP for 2 days...was alot of fun actually.....!!!!

Shall be making the draw on my blog on be sure to check back ;)

Have added you to my I can now stalk your every blogeriffic move ....hehehe

Take care
love S xXx

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