Friday, February 06, 2009

Can I do 7 Quick Takes Friday in a Blur!

1) My life is just passing in a blur of dyed fibres at the moment!

2) My dear friend Kim at Fibre Café nominated me for a Kreative Blogger Award, and I'm not going to nominate anyone else....I still love to drop in on my friends that still blog, it's like meeting a friend for a coffee, peeping into these lives and watching all the paths that cross and intertwine.

3) I still haven't found a new Winter Coat, maybe by the time that I do Spring will be here, and I can start to take a leisurely look at coats at the start of next season!

4) Keith has just given me a new intrigueing Rubik's Cube from Japan, it's called Rubik's Mirror Cube, the blocks are different sizes, will take some photos tomorrow before I start to mess with it! This is a photo I found on the web, except mine is gold!

5) I am reading Neil Gaiman- Neverwhere really slowly at the moment, can't seem to keep my eyes open for long when I get into bed!

6)If you haven't heard Fleet Foxes, Mykonos then go and listen NOW!

7) I didn't really think I would make it through 7 Quick Takes but here I am at number 7, what can I tell did I manage to not to mention the weather that has caused chaos around the country this week!

I will leave you with a glimpse of this weeks update:

Update 06/02


picperfic said...

Hi Jo, congratulations on the award! I am so happy for you about your shop, never have I seen fibre disappear so quickly from a shop before, you must be chuffed!

Caroline said...

I haven't found a winter coat either - but I did meet a woman in charity shop who'd been round all the posh shops and ended up in the charity shops instead - she bought one and got a dressmaker to alter it to fit.

Love that cube - it looks mind-boggling.

Marianne said...

Congrats on the Kreative Blogger award! and as usual, gorgeous braids and ditto what 'Muk' wrote, it disappears fast!
I sorta kinda have a winter coat, I just have to be sure and wear wool sweaters underneath :^)
I've been searching for winter boots and having no luck. meh.
Very cool Cube!

KimK said...

That Rubik's cube looks absolutely mind-boggling. Can you actually turn it? Wild.

I love 7 Quick Takes because I can just spout blurbs about whatever is on my mind without having to come up with a fully developed post about any of them. You did a great job!

I hope you're having fun being busy and not pulling your hair out. It's always good to hear from you, hope you have more time soon.

Anonymous said...

I love Neil Gaiman! AND, as usual, your fibers are beautiful!

YowlYY said...

Hi Jo,
Just to say thank you for the lovely fibre - and thank god you didn't take "Tender Love" away from the shop :)

I am reading Neverwhere too - but I have reached the half mark, and I am loving it! I am thinking of ordering the DVD of the TV series, because I've missed it - just to see if it's any good!

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