Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Scarf's Tale!

Gosh golly and darn it, I was happily weaving away on the scarf, firstly after the last photo and a little advice from the 'ashford loomies' on Ravelry, it was apparant that going on the way I was my scarf wouldn't have had the right sort of gauge was too tight, so I unwove it (not as much fun as frogging), and started again.

Then last Saturday I took the loom off its stand, folded it and took it to a Spinning Group and when I got there the right shed block that holds the heddle was just turning when it should be rigid, and the plastic handle had threaded onto the bolt that holds it. Anyway I got home rung my dealer who arranged to send me a new block, and I wedged it in place so I could at least finish the scarf.

As you can see it's all done, even finishing the thing left me with a dilemma, a wash fluffed up the threads a little, but not enough, I did a bit of walking on it in the bath....nothing happened! I then gave it a 10 minute wash in the machine, which only managed to almost felt and entangle my extra long fringe (seemed a shame to cut it off) together.

So I rescued the fringe, and then ting....just gave it a good rub and soaping to hand full it a little, and ta da:

It is done! The block came today for the loom, unfortunately it's the left block when I need the right.....deep breaths.

Inspite of all the bad omens I'm not ready to throw in the loom yet!


KimK said...

Wow! Despite all your troubles, it turned out *beautifully*! (Sent you left instead of right, I can't believe that one, though.)

Caroline M said...

Things can only get better.....

Freyalyn said...

Very pretty, though. Weaving is nearly as addictive as knitting tho' you're right about unweaving.

Full marks for persistence.

Artis-Anne said...

Gosh you have had a time of it . Well done you for completing it and it looks lovely . Then next will be a breeze you'll see :)

Marianne said...

Oh mercy, the trials you've been through but I have to say, your scarf is beautiful, the colours beyond lovely!
Hope the right block gets to you asap and yes, your next one should be a breeze :^)

Sheila said...

That's a beautiful scarf.

Gretch said...

Just in case someone needs a testimonial - this woman's fibers are beautiful. I was a lucky recipient of some gorgeous oceany blue/green merino/tencel. Just beautiful. Thanks for your talent, and thanks to Marianne for the lovely gift.

Charity said...

Sounds like a real adventure! The finished scarf is amazing - so pretty. :o)

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