Tuesday, February 02, 2010


So we've done with January and here is February already! I had hoped to have been back sooner with yarn photos, but keeping all the balls in the air at this time of year always seems harder.

Hopefully by Spring my multi-tasking skills may get back to normal!
This first skein is camel/silk. It was an attempt at the 800yard race, but fell quite short at 576 yards, although probably my best effort yet from 100g!

The second one is about 200g of merino. I spindle spun half, back in October when I was at the Textiles in Sussex Exhibition. I found a very similar braid so wheel spun that up to ply together.

There is alot of sample knitting going on for the sweater I am designing, and finally the Swallowtail has been cast off and is waiting for some blocking.


Charity said...

Lovely yarn, as always! I can't wait to see your Swallowtail, I'm still a bit intimidated by the nupps. :o)

KimK said...

Beautiful yarns. I know what you mean about time slipping away. I hope things settle down for you soon; I love to see what you've been working on!

Marianne said...

YAY! ST is off the needles! I knew you could do it :^)
Time. There's a Time Bandit lives in my little neck of the woods, it's a pesky old thing too ;^)
Beautiful yarn, and yep, 576 yds from 100g is pretty darned good in my book! xox

Caroline M said...

You could always try superwash merino and nylon for the yardage. Being superwash it slips through your fingers and drafts itself and the nylon holds it all together if you don't get quite enough twist into it fast enough.

Is this your blue phase?

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