Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm Still Standing!

Yeah, yeah yeah! In the great words of Sir Elton John!
Yes I have been neglecting the blog a little! In knitting news I'm still busy knitting the sweater. It is going well, I am up to the armholes, and have just started working on the back piece. The small gauge makes it slow going, although it is starting to take shape.

I did start a little spinning for the Pararavelympics, although haven't got past the 1st bobbin of the 3ply I started., mainly due to sweater knitting, and when I'm not knitting on this sweater or working I am also thinking about the cardigan/jacket design I need to start when the sweater is finished. Maybe I should start practicing the 5 minutes a day....I would like to finish this yarn at some point!

It is almost a month since we held our 1066 Spinners Dye workshop, this was the 3rd Workshop I have done and the best one so far, mainly because I've learnt as I go what works and what can go wrong. We had a great day in a lovely hall and I think we'll probably hold a simlar Dyeing Day next year.

I put Gemma, one of the knitters I invited, in charge of taking photos and we have some great shots.

These are the before and after shots!

There are quite a few inbetween shots of me demonstrating, and of the group dyeing too, I will try and get them edited and up on flickr....but for now I've got to get back to that sweater!


Marianne said...

Looks like some great fun was had by all and those are some gorgeous dyed yarns!
I'm really looking forward to see this sweater you're knitting!! :^D
I hear you re: the spinning. I've hardly touched my wheel for the longest. thinking I just might need to go with the 10 minutes (at least) per day.

Marianne said...

ok, I looked a bit closer at the photo, it looks to be yarn in the first woman's hand.. but fibre in some?

Joanna said...

Yes Marianne, it was mostly fibre we dyed (as that really is my field of expertise) although I had three people who dyed yarn.

Caroline M said...

That looks like a fun day, it's ages since I've dyed anything.

Ed Hennessy said...


Sorry for messaging here, I couldn't find an email.

My name is Ed Hennessy and I work within the Commercial Team of Marie Curie Cancer Care, I identified your site as being influential within our market and would like to speak with you regarding some fundraising activity which is due to start the 1st April and last until August.

The ‘Knit a tea cosy’ competition is something that is being done alongside our ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ campaign and helps to encourage people to fundraise, enter the competition and have some fun with friends. The competition will be judged by Cath Kidston, Simply Knitting Magazine, Marie Curie. The winner and runners up will receive Cath Kidston and knitting goodies.

I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome your thoughts on possibly blogging and promoting this.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,

Ed Hennessy

KimK said...

That does look like fun! I love, love, love color but I always just appreciate what others have done instead of trying to create my own.

Debbie said...

Fab dyeing : ))

Will you be at Wonderwool?


Shani said...

nothing like a group of people dyeing together for inspiration and fun..

looks like a good day..


picperfic said...

looks like you all had a good time :)

What is this jumper? And a design, is it a commission? Sounds like you are a busy woman!!

Anne said...

Just found this page and the pics. I was there having one of the best days. I dyed 2 lots of fibre, one pink, one turquoise and have now spun it all on my beautiful spindle. It's now hanging around to be admired. So now it's more extreme knitting, scandinavian style and working from the neck down.