Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's about time!

Oh me oh my, I can hardly believe I seem to have lost the whole month of May! There was I on the 22nd April counting down the days (quietly) to my 'big' birthday, and before I knew it we had hit 22nd May...and now look we're into June.
So my birthday was a quiet affair and there have been a few photos set aside for blog posting, although I've just looked for a picture of the long legged sheep that the boys got me, and I can't find it, I know I took one, but it's not in my photos folder or on the laptop, so we'll just continue with some photos from this week!

First up is my Leyburn sock, I had knit up to the ankle and frogged back once, simply because I made a few adjustments as I went and decided to take it out and redo it. This is part of the spin/knitalong we are doing in the limegreenjelly group at the moment. Some people are doing Scrunchie Handwarmers and some are doing the Leyburns and a few are doing both!

I have also been experimenting with a little yarn dyeing this week, these are superwash nylon sock:

The handknit sweater design is coming together, I am just hemming the sleeves and sewing the sleeves in, although you may not get a peek just yet!

I will try not to leave it another month!


Charity said...

Happy Birthday! I know what you mean - the days are flying by. Love the sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

Sock yarn looks FAB, do you have my address?! Leyburns have been on my list for ages, one day.

KimK said...

Those sock yarns are lovely! What wonderful colors.

I know what you mean about time flying. I keep telling myself I need to put together a blog post, then I think, oh, but I haven't taken any pictures, and then there's all the uploading and then I have to go do something else.

Happy belated birthday!!

Caroline M said...

It's a sign of age you know, time flying by. Have you noticed that the policeman have started getting younger? When you start saying "the nights are drawing in now" in July then you really need to worry.

Marianne said...

The Leyburn sock is a Beauty! love your handspun!
and that's some extremely lovely sock yarn you've dyed up! water and hot coals ;^)
yes, Lil Sis, the older you get the faster time seems to fly by, except for those 'loooong days' ;^) xoxox

Bobbi said...

OMGosh! You had a big birthday and I completely missed it!!! Sorry. Hopw it was a great one!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that yarn you're knitting the Leyburns in mmmm yummy x

Cal (SkyNorth on Ravelry) said...

Love x 1000000 the red/plummy one on the right!!!