Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Here!

 I'm still here, now 32 weeks pregnant so if Baba Jelly does decide to arrive on time that's 8 more weeks! Last February we saw alot of white stuff. I am hoping that all the white stuff stays out of the way around my due date for obvious reasons, in the recent white out several babies were born in cars on route to hospitals and birthing centres.

 Every year the Front Row Fashion Show is held in Hastings and they have a Charity Shop Challenge where you spend £10 or less on garments from Charity Shops and then re-make them into an outfit. This year I finally got it together and entered this dress made from ties and an old leather jacket!

 I've also been doing a little more weaving on my mini weaving square, I've been using Noro Sock and Noro Silk Garden Sock, I did get 29 squares from my first ball used double, and now I'm using a different colourway and introducing a few new colours. It is a long term project I keep picking up from time to time, as I want about 300 squares for a decent size throw!

I have finished my handspun Annis, although I haven't managed to get a photo of it yet. I've also been spinning steadily away on my sweater scraps yarn. I wanted to get the yarn spun before the baby arrives. I have 600g spun which I washed and measured last week to see how it was going. 500g is all about the same and I measured 1,702 metres, this actually averages out at 340 metres per skein and is enough for me to start on a sweater. I have a skinny 100g which is much finer than the other 5, but may work when I've done some swatching and finalised the design. I have another 200g left to spin but since I think I have enough yarn already I'm not going to start on it yet!


KimK said...

Wow -- love those squares. I had a chance to try out a Cricket Loom this summer, and I was mightily tempted by it. I'm going to have to Google mini weaving square.

Marianne said...

Brava on your Tie Dress! What fun :^)

Hoping for clear weather in February, perhaps as it snows now and in January it'll get it over with,eh?

Love the little woven squares! How's about a photo of your little loom? did you make it?
love you, sweetheart. xox

Cassandra said...

Nice to see you again! Happy Holidays and good luck with the last trimester!

Caroline M said...

The jelly baby needs to stay in the warm, I've just come it with the dog and it's minus stupid again. I have a little square loom and somewhere there's a bag rammed with squares and triangles. I can't for the life of me remember what I thought I was doing with them, I'm sure that I had some sort of grand plan at some stage.

Love the dress, I have a friend that makes quilts and bags from ties but she just uses the big bit at the bottom.