Thursday, April 02, 2015

Story of the Blues!

Last Thursday I made a new (mainly) cotton warp with a small amount of linen for a new cowl. I thought I had made extra warp to sample, I have some small bobbins of colcolastic I wanted to play with but as I was weaving I could see the warp was shorter than I thought I had put on, infact apart from loom waste this was just the right size for another cowl (at least I got something right). I gathered my box of yarns Monday and started weaving, I was enjoying the process so much I finished weaving Monday night and grabbed the sewing machine out right away to finish off the edges

In other news, thanks to Game of Thrones,  I have managed to finish the body of the cardigan I am knitting and  am on the sleeves. I'm now trying to catch up with Fortitude but have also now cast on my Jazz hands mittens.

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Caroline M said...

I have a cardigan as tv knitting, I can just about manage the subtitles on Inspector Montalbano. With Fortitude I have one hand for the remote control as I have no interest whatsoever in watching torture on tv.

I need to (literally) dust off the loom as I have a major weaving blockage at the moment.