Monday, May 11, 2015

Has Spring Sprung? should possibly called why are we waiting!

So there has been a gentle plodding in the jelly house of late. I did finally finish off these wall hangings for the hospice. Why does actually finishing something become so difficult at times. The weaving was all done last September by the public at the Hospice Vintage Fair. All I needed to do was finish the ends, sew a couple of seams and turn them into hangings, it didn't take me long.

This reminds me that there is a certain weavette square blanket of 304 squares which requires an edging...ok I know what the hold up is here, that edging isn't going to be fun, firstly it involves me crocheting and secondly it requires a crochet technique I am unfamiliar with, thirdly it's getting warmer and I'm not ready to sit under a blanket crocheting an edging, I can quite rightly put this job off until it starts getting colder. Let's just face it, even if we suddenly had a freak cold snap,  I'm sure I could still find any number of excuses not to do it until I am ready!

Some things do get finished around here! Another cowl off the loom and completed. I really like this one, if I do get around to putting it in my other etsy shop it will be called Easy Like Sunday Morning. There's nothing on the big loom right now, while I do some test weaving on one of the rigid heddles!

Handpainted warp and weft, actually this is waiting patiently for me to start weaving, and has been for a week!

In other news, I have finished sleeves for the cardigan I am knitting, this is now waiting for a bath and some blocking. It has only been waiting one day so far, so not excessive but I do wonder why I didn't get the main bit blocked and ready, now I have sleeves and body to block, another task I feel ready to put off until I am ready!

In the mean time I can carry on with the Jazz Hands mittens who have been back to the frog pond and cast on for what I hope is the last time. I found that my row gauge was so far out they were going to be too short and the thumb looked weird. I am now reknitting and planning to knit a different thumb to the pattern.

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Yarnspider said...

Love it all!
Fabulous scarf.