Friday, November 03, 2006

Its been a beautiful Autumn day. I love the way the sun sits in the sky and the way it feels like the earth has rotated 45 degrees towards the oncoming chill of Winter. I've been making the most of the daylight and have been taking some photos around the garden. The first few are of my favourite tree, the Eucalyptus, who was proudly tossing off her bark as I tried in vain to capture her shadowy glory!

I also love the simplicity of her rubbery the way this is all in honour of the beauty of the tree up the road in Mariannes blog I'd really like someone to share the secret of how I can link so that if you clicked on Mariannes name you would get to her blog as this kind of techie stuff is really foxing me.

This is Willow lurking in the undergrowth.

And now for a knit update, here's the bag that I've been working on since Knit Jam Wednesday night, its Noro Kureyon and Lambs Pride, the base has been in a bag in the bottom of my knitting cupboard for months, I came to the conclusion I didn't like the original black sheep bags kit I had bought, so I'm making it up as I go really and basing it on the free booga bag pattern here

Here's Neo being unusally compliant modelling my Sublime mohair scarf for me.

Hope I've suceeded in capturing the Fuschias glory.

Usually the Pampas blooms only to be destroyed days later by gale force winds, but seems to be fairing well against the elements this year!


Marianne said...

First, thank you so much, and Beauty down the street thanks you also for the honour. Your photos are fabulous, I love the Eucalyptus bark, have tried growing one in the past, just didn't seem to work out though.
Willow is beautiful! a long haired tortie? looks to be on this end...she is really lovely.
Bag is looking great, you just needed some 'wing' room, eh?
Neo is a beautiful child, indeed, and so happy, love to see the happy children (as well they *should* be)
Looks good in the scarf I might add. Yes, the Fuschias do look glorious. And I've always loved Pampas grass, I've just never had enough sun in my yards.....
I love all your photos!
Now, since you use blogger also, here's what you do...
while you're creating your new post and you come to a word you want to 'link' you 'highlight' it (make it dark blue) then there's an icon up in your row of icons? go to each one until you find the one that the word 'link' pops up, click on that and a little box/window will open and you fill in the 'address/url' and then click on done or whatever word they give you...otherwise, just pop on over, we'll have a cuppa and Neo can play with the kitty, finish the bread baking (it does smell good in here) and I'll show you first hand sitting at the pc how to do it all...step by step...don't you just wish it were that easy?
I love hearing someone else loving rocks, they're grand, they are.

Marianne said...

oh, ouch, sorry that was so long.

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