Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've been rushing around all week and keeping all my balls in the air has been a bit like juggling slugs.

Didn't get any knitting done over the weekend and any spare time I did find was spent spinning. I found this wool fibre in my felting box, I think its about 4 years old, its 100% wool and the coloured bits are viscose nepps, I've been trying to spin thicker yarn (not as easy as it sounds) and the first plyed skein of this is my most successful to date. I'm thinking of making some mittens and if there's any left over a hat, once I've got the whole lot spun and plyed. I've also found about 400 grammes of a white variation, which I will spin up and do some dying with...I'm dying to find the time to do some dying at the moment!

I finally got the handle attached to the booga bag, and we had some decent weather yesterday to get it photographed.

Monday evening saw me finish Shedir off but again I had to sit tight through Tuesdays torrential rain waiting for photos. I wore it out to Knit Jam last night, infact I'm a tidgy bit proud of it so I'm telling anyone and everyone who shows the slightest interest in it that I made it, it was tricky but I think it was worth it. I decided to cut out one row of repeats because I know I only have a small head.

On my needles at the moment are the jaywalkers, but I'm still procrastinating over changing the heel to short rows, and last night I cast on a pair of gloves. Yes I know I still haven't completed my Vintage Vogue sweater in the gorgeous Noro Silk Garden! What on earth is wrong with me?!


KimK said...

That Shedir is absolutely wonderful. That's definitely on my "to knit" list.
Thanks for your comment the other day. I think I might try setting myself a small goal like that, too, just to get myself back on track.

Marianne said...

Obviously there's not a thing wrong with you! Shedir is stunning! Your Booga bag is fabulous...and your spinning?!?
Absolutely delightful and lovely!