Thursday, January 18, 2007

3 Today

Happy Birthday to mummy's special boy, 3 today, can we please wave goodbye to the terrible twos?

I haven't had much time for knitting or spinning this week as I've been trying to get my homework finished for the start of the C & G Handknitting course Sunday, inspite of this my first glove is starting to take shape.

And so far so good with Durrow, sorry for the rubbish photos but we've had nothing but wet gale force winds for days.


Marianne said...

Happy Birthday, Neo! I look at you and hear John Lennon singing "Beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful boy" Jo, if you have that on a cd, play it for him.
The glove is coming right along and looking wonderful.
That cable work on Durrow is stunning.
Don't get blown away!
XOXOX and lots of birthday wishes for Neo.

Caroline said...

Terrible were the twos?

But he looks such an angel!

Its been blowing a gale here too... I went out and discovered how tiring it is to try and walk again such strong winds!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Neo!

Also wanted to make sure you were ok over there. Saw pictures of the crazy windstorms on TV and thought of you right away.

Hang on tight!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Neo!!
Your knitting is wonderful.
Thank you for your well wishes :)
And yes I have a Jumbo flyer and think everybody should have one I don't ever want to be without mine again!!!

KimK said...

A very happy birthday to an angelic boy! I can't believe that sweet face was ever on a terrible child. :) I LOVE that glove? When you say first, do you mean first *ever* or just first of a pair? Because for a first ever glove, it looks fantastic!

KimK said...

I meant to say, "I love that glove -- exclamation point."

Charity said...

Happy Birthday, Neo! (Marianne mentioned his big day, and I had to pop over and give good wishes :0)

Artis-Anne said...

Belated Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy (are you alowed to say that for boys ?!!)
Lovely glove & I agree with Silvia ; I couldn't be without my Jumbo Flyer and I am now looking to get a lace flyer for faster lace spinning.