Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Should Be So Lucky!

I was very lucky just before Christmas to win Claire's blogiversary contest, and my hand picked prize certainly brightened up the dull days of January, what you can see here is a small bag of rainbow wool sliver, some patches of silk, some handmade paper, a cone of Habu Stainless steel, and some lovely seeds, I love the Sea Holly, can't wait to get those in, with Spring just around the corner.
And with Spring approaching I was also lucky to win a little contest over on Amber's blog, and my 'fiery' elemental felting wool and 'Mr Mog Made' stitch markers arrived this week!

It's been a busy week, I have been updating the Bigsock blog, ok it's not quite up to date yet, most recently the sock has been in Canada, and there are some fantastic recent pictures here
it's also been spotted on You Tube!


Marianne said...

Those are wonderful and delightful prizes! Good for you!!
Those fibres will keep you busy, as will the yarn, and love the Elemental!

Sussex Yorkie said...

I think I need some of your luck!

Anonymous said...

what fabulous winnnings! do you have any more hints about what you might like your UK Swap Pal to get you?

Your UK Swap Pal woz 'ere