Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Yarns!

First up I have a green BFL supercoil! The last supercoils I spun was only 15 metres, so this time I spun the single much thinner, to ensure I had a bit more yardage!

Next up is the merino/cashmere/silk/angora that was gifted to me by Rosie in the first UK Swap! I'm really pleased how this has turned out, although I would have liked to spin it finer. I do think it might even be whispering cowl to me, but we'll see how it swatches!


picperfic said...

Jo, I love your dreads! What will you use them for? The fibre Rosie sent you has spun up a treat, I bet it is lovely and soft!

Anonymous said...

I love the coils! I would never know what to do with them, but starting to think I might have to give the technique a go, just... cos it's there.

Anonymous said...

I love the blue....that green looks like something I spun that everyone but me totally digs. How'd you do it on purpose?

Rosie said...

the supercoil is just amazing!

BabyLongLegs said...

I love those coils....they are just sooooooo brilliant :)

Clever ol' sausage :)

S xXx

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