Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warming Your Hands!

This weeks UK Swap inspirational post is about warming your hands.

I have knitted gloves and handwarmers, and even knitted and frogged some bulky mittens in a handspun yarn. But so far colourwork has eluded me, mainly because I have favourite patterns but haven't really found the right combination of yarns.

What is your favourite Winter Warmer for your hands?
I like gloves, mittens, and handwarmers equally, there is room for them all in my Winter wardrobe!

Do you have a favourite pattern or FO?
I have several that the keen eyed will have spotted in my Rav favourites,recent additions are the Fresco Fair Isle Mitts, and the Snowflake Fingerless Mitts, although I'm also quite partial to the Squirrelly Swedish Mitts too, among others!

What is your favourite yarn for gloves, mittens or handwarmers?
A yarn suitable for its purpose, obviously some of the semi solid and solid sock yarns are ideal for colourwork because they are so hardwearing.

Are there any patterns out there you would love to own?
I think I have most of the ones I like, or they are free downloads. Actually there is the Fiddlehead mittens....I don't own this....if I had found the right yarn, maybe I would have bought it!

Or do you already have a winter warmer and you would like some mittens/gloves/handwarmers to match?
Nothing finished I want to match with at the moment!

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