Thursday, June 07, 2007

30th June

Finally finished these socks on the 30th of June, so I'm only just a week behind on my blog but I've still got alot to show you.
It was a Regia self striping, and this was my first attempt at toe up and knitting two socks on circulars.
I used the Knitty Magic Cast-on for Toe Up Socks , I then did row below toe increases, this is one of my favourite methods of increasing, on the left slant of the toe (this is actually right of foot as you look at it) you knit the stitch but do not drop, then knit into the stitch below, and on right slant you knit into the stitch below then knit into the stitch.

For the heel I followed Wendy's Generic Toe Up Pattern, and wrapped the stitches twice.
I have given these socks away to my mum!


Marianne said...

Look at you! Those are gorgeous socks, lucky Mom, and learning new techniques to boot.

Caroline said...

And you've discovered time travel too!


Jackie said...

Sexy socks my friend :-)

I love the colours. Now I know who to call on when I get stuck with mine mwwwahhaaa (that was supposed to be an evil type laugh btw)

I just applied to join the weekend whirlers, looks a great group, hope you will put in a good word for me, after all you have SEEN the picture of my 8" of Merino!

Hope the Gnome is not giving you too much trouble.

j x

Charity said...

Love the matching job on these! :0)

Katherine Of It All said...

Such cute socks! Very generous gift.

Anonymous said...

great socks Jo!!

They look an awful lot like these ones!!

Fiberjoy said...

Jumping Jehosaphat! Look at those matching stripes! Wowzers. I wouldn't want to cover them with shoes. Nope, sandals for those puppies. A picture of your mom wearing them?