Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Naked Tuesday!

Today as it is naked Tuesday I am exposing my body art, this first tattoo is a heart of course, I had this done when I was 18 by Fat Bob. I think he may have been drunk! Anyway somebody told me that the outline is the painful bit, so rather than choosing a butterfly or a rose I picked a little heart to wear on my sleeve. Another girl who was with a gang of boys went in before me, and she actually left as soon as he turned his buzzing needle gun on, me, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth just sat there and let him get on with it, to be honest it's no worse than having a pinprick for a bloodtest.

This second picture is the chinese symbol for birthmark (at least I hope it is). I chose it out of a book I borrowed from the library all about Chinese symbols, it was a toss up between this one or the Chinese symbol for cake. I had this done age 29,by John Treharne at Skin Creations

This is my third tattoo, also by John at Skin Creations, and was a 30th birthday present from a girlfriend, it really is my favourite tattoo so far, but I'm not entirely sure if it is my last!

You see I like this tattoo, this is Carrieoke's KNIT tattoo, I found it on a random search one day for images of balls of wool, although I don't think I have anywhere to put it, the trouble with tattoos, you have to think carefully about them, and where you put them, and whether you want them to be on show all the time, and whether you want to be able to cover them aswell, you've got to be able to live with them for life! The only one I really regret is the first one, simply because I didn't really think about it much, I was just a naive 18 year old who wanted a tattoo.


Marianne said...

I wish I could get Havala to bare her back for photos...it is covered...completely...preying mantis...or would that be manti? more than one...very cool...and her legs...

I like yours!

Jackie said...

Oooh I can do this one Jo. Just need someone to take piccies. Have one on my back and one on my arm..

Lets get one done when you come down, we have a great tattoo place in my town :D


J x

Peri said...

Nice tats! (ooo does that sound rude?) well you know what I mean. I have never got around to having a tatoo - though have often thought of doing so. At the moment it's just piercings.

As you asked so nicely ;-) my suprise is a brand, spanking new Ashford Traveller!

Fiberjoy said...

You are so right that it needs to be a well thought out process, especially the placement. They are for life - unless one undergoes lengthy/expensive procedures for removing them. That's why I stick to playing with hair color! :-)

picperfic said...

is that a recent shot of you Jo? Aren't you stunning! I know we can't see your face too well but your body looks beautiful. You are VERY adventurous with your hair too! I have two earings in each ear and a belly-ring in my belly! lol Although it is never on show, I just had to go and have it done, about 5 years ago. I went alone and told nobody I was doing it....I still love it, the naughtiness of it really!