Monday, June 11, 2007

You can't hurry Fluff!

Look I made 'emo' yarn. This is spindle spun merino plied on Joy which I dyed myself, this first batch of 8 oz/200g, is a waste not want not yarn.

I basically had a problem getting it dry, I wanted some fibre to spin at the craft fair I was having a stall at, and the merino only arrived on the Saturday morning, the fair was on the Sunday it had been sunny all week, but was quite a dull and cold day, I persevered none the less and got to work dying.

Although after dying I tried to cool down the fibre too fast, then I spun it to take out some excess water, and it looked a bit sorry for itself, so I rinsed it again and left it to drip dry for a bit. When it wasn't drying fast enough later in the day I took the hair dryer to it and finally by 9pm I put on the central heating, it was dry enough to start spinning on the Sunday.

But the combined process of all this treatment frazzled the fibre a little bit, but it's still super soft merino fibre, so I spun it. It was kind of fluffier and harder to draft but you can see and you know what they say...waste not want not.....but always remember when can't hurry fluff!

This yarn was completed Saturday 2nd June!


Caroline said...

Fab colours!

Charity said...

Very nice! And good to know, too. I'm still learning this spinning thing, and I love hearing your tips. :0)

Marianne said...

Jo, you keep churning out such beauties....seriously, my mouth drops every time I open your blog and the drool just runs!

Jackie said...

Oh, you can't hurry fluff
no you just have to wait
fluff don't come easy
its a game of give and take... (with apologies to Diana Ross)

Hello Stalkee. My apologies for the quality of the stalking today. Just popped in to see what you are up to.

That yarn is beeeeeeuutiful. I love the colour. Adore it in fact. Well done you. It must have been like a sauna with the heating on. The things we suffer for our crafts.

Yikes, I just trod on a rice krispie. ;-)

j x

Fiberjoy said...

I read somewhere that one solution to "quick" drying fiber is to place it in a food dehyderater on the lowest setting.

That was quickly spun on the spindle!
What do you plan to make with it?