Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dejá vu

This is the second batch of purple yarn cakes ready to ply. I dyed this second lot of 8oz with the leftover dye from the first batch, this is more violet and black where as the first batch had a little more amethyst and grey in.

I seem to be drawn to purple at the moment.

I started spinning Monday 4th June, and was averaging 1oz a day, and suddenly things seemed to speed up towards the end of the week and I had completed all 8oz Saturday morning and got them plied on the Joy Saturday night.

Niddy noddied and twist set Sunday they just need a photo shoot and we're done!
Not much going on this week apart from last minute homework for the C & G Knitting course.


Marianne said...

Mercy, they're beautiful!

Charity said...

Really nice work, Jo!

I've been drawn to purple and green lately, myself. I chalked it up to all the blooming lilacs. :0)

KimK said...

Oh, very nice! Very nice!