Friday, June 15, 2007

Dejá vu part deux!

Caught some photos of the finished yarn this morning when the promised rain didn't materialise.

Still on the purple theme, here are some silk hankies I dyed up last week, I've actually done most of the drafting, just the spinning left to do!


Marianne said...

You certainly have been the busy woman...with all the spinning and dyeing and drafting and...taking all these luscious photos of delightful yarns/fibres...and the posting!
I wish I had just half your energy!

Jackie said...

C'est formidable!

But where is the green meany?

We want pictures.

j xxx

Peri said...

Adore the colour of the silk hankies - look forward to seeing it spun.

picperfic said...

I have some silk hankies, plain ones...I tried to spin them on a spindle but it was a bit haphazard! I need a calm time to try my spinning out...
I took my last blog post into Dreamweaver to try and alter the line breaks but it just kept them the same as blogger. I think it might be the albums that i included that have caused the problems as they appear to be in frames for some reason. I am enjoying my time so far with Andrea, we go back a long way and talk so fast to cram it all in! The house is tidy too, which makes for a relaxing time :^) (a rarity! the tidyness I mean)
Mornings are going to be interesting, I take an hour to get ready to face the world and so does Andrea. It takes longer as you get older heheh

CraftyPerson said...

Ooh don't they look be-you-tee-ful!