Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knit Happens!

I'm still running a week behind, but I don't have much more to show you and I'll hopefully be caught up. I cast this on last Tuesday the yarn is 50% baby alpaca, 50% merino in a colour called strawberry cream, and I'm knitting matching cardigans for a friends baby and toddler, for a wedding in October...just thought I'd make a start, so there's something on my needles, and another friend is expecting a baby girl at the end of the month...so why not knit 3.

I know baby stuff does fly off the needles, it's so small, I could probably finish one of these in a few days and even get it stitched up but I've got other irons in the fire. I have made a bit of progress stitching up the Vogue cardigan, the sleeves are in, I just need to do the side and sleeve seams, I just don't have an incentive to finish it because I'm worried that the sleeves won't give.

By the way there's a story behind my favourite Pony size 4mm needles, a couple of months ago I actually lost one of these needles, out and about, and I replaced it with a 4mm of the same length.

Whilst browsing second hand shops I always look at needles, even though I have plenty, but I still like to buy up any chunky wooden ones I find, anyway in a pot of needles I found this pony needle, exactly the same as the one I lost, and the eerie thing is it was a lone needle, I couldn't find another one, and they only charged me 30p for it.


KimK said...

Oh, wow! What a great story about finding the very needle you needed. I know what you mean about the sleeves. I seem to be able to put off nearly forever a knitting task I'm not sure is going to turn out. I feel for you.

Jackie said...

That wool is pretty, lets hope the darlings don't grow too much before the wedding :D

That needle was waiting for you, the universe sure does work in mysterious ways (said in spoooky mystic meg voice).

How you feeling now, got your pep back x

Marianne said...

Mmmm, I can just imagine how very soft that yarn is and it's such a pretty colour. Do you have a photo of the pattern you're using?

Waaay too cool on the needle story, what are the chances that it truly was your needle? heh.

picperfic said...

I found many of my knitting needles in second hand shops but what a stroke of luck finding that lone one! Love that soft baby yarn and it's good to see you knitting. I'd love to see the pattern?

Ms. Knitingale said...

It was meant to be. Sometimes the knitting gods completely mess with you...sometimes they put the right needle in your path! Now, I can't wait to see how the sweaters turn out.

Stevie said...


This is me time travelling back from 2009, where I had already travelled forward from 1969 in the first place, 1969 being the place I chose my home when in 2032 I had decided the 1960's were my fave decade and so travelled back to make a permanent home although I exist in 2008/2009 and 1969 trimultaneously....eh?

Well, on my Gorgeous Greyhounds blog, I wanted to have a website but do not have time to run one or get my other half to programme one in time for this doggie diary. Now, all good websites have a welcome page AND I needed all my disclaimers and stuff on the first post to appear BUT as you know, blogs are a bit chronology bound and the latest bog shows at the top, so, if you require a big welcome blurb to remain on top so people know what on earth the blog is about (assuming a rescue doggie site is not just for a nutty community like the knitting one where nutty abstract posts are a given) then, you edit your post, you choose posting options and you postdate your post. Voila!

However, lets hope that doggie rescuers will realise that most of my advice is based on something which has happened rather than on something which is going to happen or supposed to happen!

Fiberjoy said...

Lucky you finding a matching needle.

I sympathize about the sleeves. I was a couple rows down on the last cuff, totally excited about finally finishing the Red Sweater that evening - especially since the ball of yarn was diminishing at an alarming rate. To my dismay I suddenly perceived the length to be shorter. Out came the measuring tape - 1+ inch shorter than the other. I just haven't had the heart to frog back to the last few rows of decreases before the cuff seed stitching. Plus, there's simply not enough Briar Rose yarn to go that extra distance. What to do?

Jackie said...

Message to Stevie. Whilst perusing Blogger the other day I noticed that there is a new facility to post a permanent intro. How big this is or where it goes I don't know, but it is now available...

I love greyhounds, we used to have a lurcher and a whippet. We have a pointer and a staffie now - what a combination!

Tried to get to your blog to post this but it said it isnt public, so I hope you see it.

Best wishes, Jackie x