Sunday, October 08, 2006

I had a productive day at the Hastings Week hobbies and crafts fair, with my trustee Ashford Traditional! Its not often that I have the opportunity to sit and spin for the day. It was very enjoyable, the Mayoress of Hastings stopped by so I took her photo, I'm not sure she understood the concept of blogging though.

The Girl Guides were intrigued by my spinning wheel and I talked them through the process, I wish I had learnt on a drop spindle and had the confidence to demonstrated that for them, I have brought one home to practice on for next time. This is what I did today....I've been mixing a small amount of coloured tops in with the fleece as I spin as a bit of an experiment with colour, its a blend of red with 2 shades of green, I'm thinking of calling it strawberries and cream.

I came back from the Craft Show and decided to knit a couple of rows of the muse hat, thinking I knew where I was in the pattern I blundered on, but I was tired and confused and I wasn't where, I thought I was, it wasn't looking quite as I wanted it to either so I've pulled it all out, in the infamous words of Edwyn Collins and Orange Juice....Rip it up and start again! I'm off to cast something on as an eerie panic sets in if there's no knitting to pick up at breakfast!

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Strumpstickan said...

I like the Mayoress, she looks great!