Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday the 21st October, National Knitting Week, 2006, there was a gathering of knitters in the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. It was an amazing adventure really, and I still can't believe that shy little me set it up, but it worked, we came together and we knitted.

This is our youngest knitter of the day, 7 year old Jack Sellers of Margate being shown how to knit by Shelagh Duffill of Battle Wool Shop.

We Knitted......

and we knitted....

in fact even Melita knitted....and throughout the day we were joined by a steady stream of knitters, it was difficult to put down once you started knitting, people came for 5 minutes and stayed for hours!

We had German knitters, even a girl from Columbia, who was at Cambridge University, just visiting Hastings for the day sat down and joined in. During the course of the day we had 50 knitters, all the photos will be up on the website as soon as we've finished constructing it.

Just a magical amazing day, we raised over £170 pounds for the

But it doesn't stop there, now I'm busy chasing up photographs from all the knitters who took part Saturday and constructing the website (www.bigsock/org) and making plans for the socks travels .

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Lolly said...

I loved seeing the pictures from the event. I am sorry I did not get to view this sooner!