Friday, October 06, 2006

Wednesday nights Knit Jam , went ok, its always nice to catch up although we were down to 3 again, hopefully things will pick up after Knitaround Hastings. I cast on the Sublime mohair hat in the end.

You can see Erica looking very glam in black here with Katherine, Katherine was refreshing her knitting skills, Erica had come to take some pictures of me knitting for the Castle Ward Forum Newsletter, to publicise the Knitaround more. (Castle Ward Forum is an area in the town of Hastings.)

The hat pattern required me to work back and forth on 4mm and 5mm needles and after casting on and working for a couple of inches I decided to start again on circular, I can't see the sense in working straight and having a seam to stitch up so I'm working in the round on 2 circular needles instead, so hopefully it will go ok, although last night I couldn't find another 5mm circular needle to work with, and the one I was using was too long to continue with, so I started to block my Vogue '98 sweater. Ok I've tried 3 times to upload the image of the sweater blocking , grrr and for some reason it's not playing ball so I'm going to try plan b....... post this bit then start again!

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Strumpstickan said...

The hat looks promising and your knitmeet looks cosy, I wish I could have popped in *lol*

When you are making the hat smaller on the top are you switchning to knitting needles?

And where is your socks?