Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is Neo on the trampoline at this mornings Toddle Waddle for the Meningitis Trust, Shirley who did most of the organising, set up an obstacle course to make it more interesting for the children! I think we've raised well over £600!!

I completed the Lana Grossa cotton socks first thing this morning as I only had the kitchener stitching to do.

Just need to make a firm decision as to what to cast on next, it's Knit Jam tonight and I need to have something on the go. I have had a bag cast on hiding under the stairs, which was a kit I bought on e-bay, or theres the Sublime mohair hat that came in the post yesterday. Its the blue hat but I've bought a ball in the lightest grey called Tundra.

And of course there's still Socktoberfest, and I always like to have a pair of socks on the go, although I'm concerned the Snowflake sock
pattern is only CO over 52 stitches and I usually work on 60, of course the 52 stitches fit the lace pattern and I just can't decide whether to work the rib over 60 stitches and then decrease for the pattern or not and I don't feel like swatching, yet.

I'm also thinking of trying to knit some baby socks with left over sock yarn, so there's alot of options to consider. I just need to make a decision, pick up all the toys and cook some dinner, not necessarily in that order!


Strumpstickan said...

I guess my socks I'm knitting now will be much to large knitting the rib with 72 but hey, I like loose socks that doesn't leave marks *lol*

I'm thinking of trying to make socks with roses on the top of the foot...

Strumpstickan said...

P.S and I have big feet!