Sunday, December 03, 2006

Since its the 3rd today I am going to do a list of threes! I saw this done as a list of Ten Things of Four a while ago, whilst wandering randomly through blogland. I have nothing against fours, but since 3 Is The Magic Number (thankyou De La Soul), I've used a bit of poetic license and made this a list of Eleven Things of Three... hence the name...due to the bingo call....'all the threes - thirty-three'.
3 Places I have Lived : I lived the first 18 years of my life in a small village called Shotley on the Estuary of the River Stour and River Orwell, from the age of 21 to 33 I lived in Wales, mainly in the capital Cardiff, and I now live in St Leonards-on-Sea, a very small town right next door to Hastings, famous for the big battle of 1066.
3 Places I Have Visited : Amsterdam., Reykjavik, and Switzerland have to be favourites.
3 Places I Would Like to Visit : Mexico, Egypt and the USA, I know the US is a big place, but I'm not fussy anywhere would do!
3 Jobs I Have Had : This is quite easy as I have quite a few jobs to choose from, although not because I am a bad employee, I just used to get bored easily or move around a bit! I worked in a Make-Up Factory during my holidays from college one year, it's always an eye-opener when you see how things like that are done, huge barrels of wax being melted down and then put into little lipstick moulds, barrels of powder pressed into the little metal eye shadow trays with different patterns for the top, and filling litle nail polish bottles.
I also worked in a sock factory which was good fun, my first job there was seperating socks,they called it draw threading I think! The socks came out of the machines joined at the heel and toe in a great long tube and you would pull a sock onto your arm and cut a thread in 2 places and pull and it would come apart.
I also worked as a 'trolly dolly'. I was living in Bristol at the time and I worked on trains selling refreshments to rail passengers.
3 Things I Don't Like : I don't like vegetables, I don't like bad manners, and I don't like cruelty.
3 Beverages I Like : Tea, coffee and cheap red wine, if it costs more than £5 a bottle it is likely I won't like the taste, this is not to do with money, its my antsy palette!
3 Blogs I Read : Ok well there are about 27 I read on a regular basis at the moment, and I don't think it would be fair to single any out.
3 Favourite Yarns : Just 3?!I love unusual yarns but deep down its wool, silk and cotton, not necessarily all in one yarn, and if I had to narrow it down to 3 it would be Noro, I love stripey socks so have fallen for the new opal sock yarn at Get Knitted, and the sort of unusual handspun I aspire to make one day here, here, and here. Ok too much Etsy Itis!!
3 Favourite Yarn Colourways....see above, enough yarn porn!
3 Favourite Knitting Accessories....aha well the Knitting Needle Rolls I imagine that I will make one day, my wool-winder and my niddy noddy. Ok I know the niddy-noddy is tied to the activity of spinning but its also a great tool for measuring commercial yarn aswell, of course. Thing is I don't have many knitting accessories, I don't have a row counter, because I forget to wind them on....simple pencil and paper suits me, and I use a piece of scrap yarn for a marker if I need one.
3 Things I Did Today : I sorted through all Neo's toys, re-filed them and disposed of incomplete and broken bits, and put all those he has grown out of in boxes for the roof, I went to the local D I Y store for cable grommets, and I did a load of washing.