Monday, December 18, 2006

THE CURSE OF THE SWEATER! Or why I should stick to knitting little items like hats and socks!

3 sleeves and 2 polonecks later, and a whole lot of blocking and I'm not 100% happy with it, the diagonal cable has caused alot of commotion, and one of my side seams really bothers me, one side the colours and ribs match but I can't get the other side to look right, if I make the colour stripes line up the diagonal rib doesn't, I've unpicked and re-stitched it 3 times so far. If I ever tackle a similar project I would work the main body of the sweater in the round, as many 'Zimmerman' fans do. I have just bought myself a couple of her books, Knitting Without Tears and The Knitters Almanac. There's a real pernickety perfectionist lurking within me and I don't know if I she can live with that side seam!

3 Sleeves, this was down to Noro really, I mean it doesn't have to match but I started the back and front in the same place, and did the same with the sleeves, (I always knit 2 sleeves at the same time), but unfortunately over halfway through, I realised that one of my balls of wool had been wound completely back to front to all the others and the banded colours were running backwards, so I had to knit a 3rd sleeve to match.

The problems over the poloneck, well I followed the pattern 10cm of k2p2 rib, then increase in the purl stitches, and continue in k2p3 for another 10cms it seemed to drag on forever, then I cast it off tried it on and the neck seemed to flare out alarmingly and didn't look at all right so I frogged back down to the increases and just re-knit back up in the k2p2 rib all the way.

I have always liked this pattern, it's in a Winter Vogue Magazine from 1998 and is designed by Oscar De La Renta! I do like tha natural earthy tones in the Noro Silk Garden (shade 203) , I'm just not entirely happy with the end result yet, maybe it will grow on me if we have a few chilly days, either that or I'm going to have to frog the lot and start again! Don't worry I won't do anything hasty, maybe if I give it a gentle handwash I'll like it better, the sleeves feel a bit short, I think I spent so long blocking the body the sleeves were a little overlooked.


Marianne said...

Well, personally? it truly looks fantastic, of course I can't see the offending seam...but I do know what you mean, and it is whether or not you can live with it...
I love this photo of you and Neo, his hoodie is fabulous.
From what I hear Noro can and does slip those odd balls of yarn in, some are missing colours even...same lot, same colourway, but very very different. You'd think for those prices.....just saying.

steve said...

Your work is pretty spectacular Jo. I'm always amazed at the patience and thought put into knotting-based work. Very impressive in my opinion.

Marianne said...

Oh, look there, a brand new commenter, I checked out his site, wow.