Sunday, December 10, 2006

As promised here is a taster picture of the Finnsheep I have been spinning. Its quite funny how things are sometimes, you know when you go on a journey and it seems to take ages to get there, but no time at all to come back. This is my second bobbin, and while it didn't seem to take much time at all to fill a bobbin yesterday, today I seemed to spin and spin and spin and not get anywhere at all.

Anyway I now have 2 full bobbins waiting for plying, although plying itself is another epic journey. Its all part of the process, but the actual act of plying this much yarn, well it just makes my knee ache thinking about it at the moment. You can now see what I mean about the colour though. Its a great mix of orange and red with flashes of green, blue, black, natural, pink and blue.

Going to persevere with my stitching up tonight though and see if I can actually get that Vintage Vogue sweater finished, hopefully the yarn for durrow will arrive any day now, and I won't allow myself to cast on Durrow until it's finished.

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Marianne said...

Ooooohhhh, that's so pretty, Jo.
I'm enjoying this day by day posting, info on the spinning...
(I'll be commenting late tomorrow but be assured that I will...)