Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Since its 'Naked Tuesday' once again...I thought I'd share this little one word meme that's doing the rounds....what's a meme?

Yourself: sensitive

Your boyfriend: frog

Your hair: short

Your mother: distant

Your father: simple

Your favourite Item: wheel

Your dream last night: vague

Your favorite drink: tea

Your dream car: mini

The room you are in: loud

Your ex: who

Your fear: insanity

What you want to be in 10 years? wiser

Who you hung out with last night? k

What you're not: stupid

Muffins: fresh

One of your wish list items: flyer

Time: short

The last thing you did: knit

What you are wearing: stripes

Your favorite weather: windy

Your favourite book: Weaveworld

The last thing you ate: chocolate

Your life: frantic

Your mood: middling

Your best friend: wool

What are you thinking about right now? loneliness

Your car: Polo

What are you doing at this moment: multi-tasking

Your summer: short

Your relationship status: viable

What is on your TV? dust

What is the weather like? damp

When is the last time you laughed? earlier

Who do you tag? eh?


KimK said...

Jo, you're doing great! Twelve days and counting -- keep it up!

Marianne said...

Well, it just wouldn't let me leave a comment so I signed up with the google, how nuts.
Yay Jo! and see? Kim is joining in on counting the days...Hi, Kim.
I don't know what all that is in the photo but I love love love it, seriously....