Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ok so its naked Tuesday, but calamity after calamity seem to be striking me down at the moment, I am just going to blunder on but the Naked Tuesday I had planned for today will have to be postponed till normal service has resumed.

Apart from the problems with dh's laptop, last night my bit that joins the foot pedal to the wheel snapped, luckily I have had a spare that came with the wheel, so its not too bad, I just need to remember to order a new one so I have a spare for when I wear it out again!

So yesterday I was trying to scan and copy my son's school portrait, to share with friends and family, it wasn't going very well so I got dh to give me a hand last night, several hours and computer crashes later we hadn't got anywhere and were both a little cross.

We copy the file to my laptop for me to try again this morning, 1st try the computer is counting up I'm getting a few things together in the other room, for our trip later today when my computer beeps so I run down to get the lead, but when I get here the computer is doing strange things, and putting itself to sleep, I wake it back up and start again, not failing to notice that the little wireless gizmo that connects to the broadband isn't lit up, so NOT WORKING.

How am I supposed to blog under these conditions!

Ok so I've logged into dh's laptop just to tell you what's happening, and now I've got to swiftly pack a few bits for that family visit, rush off to Neo's school play, and then drive 130 miles to see family.

Back tomorrow, hoping all calamitous events have passed!

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Marianne said...

Oh dear.....those little machines we live with......
Jo, I hope you guys have a lovely visit with your family, now just relax and enjoy...you know the bit.. make.good.time.

(even though they think they may have nabbed 'the guy'..please take care)