Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Naked Tuesday!

Naked Tuesday is something I've pinched from a very dark British Comedy called the League of Gentlemen, and no I'm not going to get naked but I am going to reveal something about myself. This is not what I was planning to reveal today, but I've had a difficult time locating some discs with the photo on that I wanted, and had to find something else for my show and tell today.

The difficult time includes unlocking the wardrobe with the childproof locks in son's room, this went ok first time around, but second time around h (less of the dear) distracted me and I locked the magnetic lock opener thing in the wardrobe, so I need to go and buy another one, or find a very big magnet!

Ok so the picture above is myself with my head shaved, and zig-zags running around the sides, I think I was about 19 at the time. I mean its no big deal for me, my hair was cut short in the late 70s and has been varying lengths of shortness ever since. For the last few years I've been cutting it myself, I have a fear of hairdressers. Its very liberating to shave your own head, and then there are the positives, never a bad hair day, and when I used to dye it different colours home dying if things went wrong I would just shave it all off and start again. I've only managed to grow it once in the last 10 years, although I'm having a last ditch attempt at growing it now before it gets too grey. You know how it is the grass is always greener, I'd just like a change of hair!

As for knitterly things I only managed to stitch one sleeve seam on the Vintage Vogue last night, but did get to watch the first episode of Lost series 3, can't really stitch up and watch that on not so dh's laptop, still only jaywalkers on needles but havent made any progress with them either. I have promised my niece a scarf, I've got a small stashed pile of different purple and lilac yarns especially for this project, which I plan to do with a simple stitch pattern so maybe I should do a bit of swatching and see what happens, but as its Tuesday maybe I should follow the Harlot tradition and do a bit of spinning, oh decisions, decisions!

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Marianne said...

Wow, I am so impressed, seriously, I have been so tempted to shave my head quite a few times in my life but...I have this large round head and honestly,I am just quite the chickenshit.
Havala hasn't shaved her head but it's been very close to buzzed...
Five for five.
Looking forward to the scarf...