Monday, December 04, 2006


I spent some time last night doing some serious blocking on the Vintage Vogue sweater. It's those pesky diagonal cables that have been the reason why it has needed some excessive blocking. Once it was finished the sides weren't parallel and the whole thing had to be pulled into shape. I thought I was 'there' once and had sewn the raglan seams, only to find it starting to spring back to its original form.

Its been a battle but I think we're ready for seaming now, so I'm keeping it brief tonight and with any luck we may even have a finished object by the end of the week, it all depends how well picking up the edge stitches go. Have been lusting over more Noro on E-bay earlier today but haven't got a new garment in mind yet.


Marianne said...

Jo......four for four! Sweater looking great...looking forward to seeing you wearing it! No kidding, love the colours.

Strumpstickan said...

Nice colours!

Angie said...

Who doesn't lust after I detect one of my favourite shades of Silk-garden? It's a gorgeous sweater too.