Friday, December 15, 2006


I first came across Studio Friday on Sydney's art blog. This is basically what SF is about...

"Studio Friday" is the place where we artists meet for a weekly creative challenge to show little glimpses of our studios, our creative space.It is a place where you can show off the treasures and gems in your studio. YOU are the artist!
Every Monday a new topic will be announced which gives you a new challenge to explore your own studio space and go on an adventurous treasure hunt discovering your own space with a new view, in a new light, from a new angle.
You can capture the topic and illustrate it in whichever artistic medium you would like to. It doesn't necessarily have to be a photo. It can be in form of a drawing, a sketch, you can carve it, quilt it, felt it, potter it, etch it...etc.
The topics are such a way that you will never show your whole space all at once but only little pieces and partial views of it the only condition being that it has to be in your studio space.
Everyone's submissions will appear on each Friday in the "Latest entries" gallery section where we can all have a browse around and peak into everybody's creative space.

Over the last two weeks the artists have looked at favourite colour combinations, and then last week is was colour combinations they didn't like, and it got me thinking and I came up with an idea for a Studio Friday topic and sent it to Tine, she liked it so much she made it this weeks topic! So I thought since it was my idea I ought to get my s**t together and take part!

"All these colour combos have given me an idea, especially with Christmas do a 'white christmas' studio friday...where artists put together whatever they want...only using neutrals...or to be really strict....white, (being a textile artist its great to get back to basics and to restrict oneself to using just one colour, then see how many different surfaces or textures you can find.)"

So this was my starting point, I gathered a collection of white's and neutrals together. Basically you're looking at some balls of wool, prepared sheep fibre for spinning and felting, processed top, embroidery canvas, mini canvases, embroidery frame and hoop, and my felting mat, probably not that exciting image wise.

So I started to take the yarn for a walk around my still life, almost drawing a freestyle squiggle, delved a little deeper with the camera and came up with this....

I really like that last one, its a bit less of a squiggle and a bit like an abstract winter landscape, don't accidental experiments always make the best art!

Here you can see what everybody else gets up to!


Marianne said...

Yep, I liked that last one also, I like them all mind you but my eyes really lingered on the last one, I love it...
Have I told you how proud I am of You? 15 for 15!

Sydney Harper said...

Very nice! Yeah, I like the last one too, although they're all nice. I like the combination of lines and textures in the last one. I thought about doing a fibery Studio Friday, but I needed to make something with my hands this weekend.