Saturday, December 23, 2006

I can dream can't I, I don't think there's much chance to be honest, doesn't seem cold enough at all, this picture was taken last January. I've been beaveringon with my spinning today, just counting the hours, almost Christmas Eve!


Marianne said...

That's a seriously beautiful snowy photo of you and pretty stuff!
yep, it's 44F here, no snow.

Marianne said...

ps....that looks to be a beautiful sweater under your coat..did you knit it? verra pretty!

Fiberjoy said...

I'm dreaming here in NW Oregon too. Not much chance, not at all.

Neo's sweater (couple posts back) is wonderful. It looks so soft and cozy.

Joanna said...

I bought that sweater for 50p (bout 25 cents I think) in a thrift shop while I was pregnant with Neo, unfortunately I shrank/felted it in the wash (it was lambswool)by accident so it doesn't fit me any more, it is waiting to be made into something new!

melissa said...

oh WOW ..the thought of not having a hot christmas is so strange ...that photo is so pretty it really like that ???
I wanted to post a few days ago about your beautiful jumper ..but blogger and the sign in crap made it too hard ...........heres a belated "gorgeous' jumper