Monday, December 11, 2006

Here is my yarn on my 'lazy kate' awaiting plying. I have been scouring the internet in an attempt to find out why it's called a lazy kate, but apart from finding that they call tensioned kates 'industrious' as oppose to lazy, I am still none the wiser. By the way Santa baby.....put a tensioned kate under the tree for me, I've been an industrious girl, for sure, and while you're at it...please can I have a drum carder aswell. By the way it doesn't really look this glow in the dark orange.

Here's the stash scarf, unfortunately the chunky yarn I bought didn't work, and neither did the eyelash which is a shame, I'm supposed to be stash busting, not adding to it.

I finally finished seaming the sweater last night so all I need to do is pick up the neck stitches, knit the roll-neck and hopefully if we get some better weather I may well be modelling it by the end of the week.

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Marianne said...

Your yarn is beautiful, and the scarf absolutely lovely!!!
11 days and going strong!