Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm really too tired to blog today, naughty Neo woke me up at 0520, and I actually thought it was 20 to 7, by the time I realised my mistake we were up, luckily he happily watched Monsters Inc while I attempted to knit my Jaywalkers in a zombie like state. I'm trying to keep it brief without copping out but keep having to re-type bits, eek!

The photo above is a costume from the Nutcracker, I don't know how familiar you are with Liquorice Allsorts but that is what the costume is based on, I just like to see people thinking out of the box, unusual ideas, I think as an artist it gets you thinking! The costumes were on display in a shop window in Tunbridge Wells, I can't remember which ballet company it is!

Talking of candy that naughty Marianne sent over some Knitpicks yarn that I had purchased, (they don't deliver to the UK) and she filled up the box with tonnes of edible goodies, chocolate, more chocolate, raspberry sweets, and of course the authentic candy cane which I had requested. Not only that but some lovely little stitchmarkers, and some extra Kool-aid too,she's an angel!


Marianne said...

Yes, the liquorice allsorts, exactly, those costumes are too cool.
Jo, it was my pleasure all the way, believe me.
Come over to my site and check out the image I have up, I think you'd like on it to get the bigger view.
Angel? hmmmmm, it takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...